Love letters 40 days of dating

Ralna 12-21-07: Merry Christmas everyone!
I have had an eventful last few months and I am so happy now to have the holiday season to just relax with friends and family.

I pray your holiday season is richly blessed and that the New Year brings you peace and joy.

Julie is visiting her Dad and Sis and all her Mississippi relatives for a few days after Christmas and Gramma gets to keep her Granddog while she's gone. I can't wait!

May the true spirit of Christmas fill your hearts this season and comfort you each and every day.

Merry Christmas!
Love, Ralna
Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
This fall has just been glorious. Getting to experience the fall in New Hampshire and Rhode Island was so special. The trees were red, yellow and orange and every shade in between. What a privilege to see God's handiwork in action!

I hope you are all enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are. We are in the upper 70s and 80s now--perfect tennis weather.

I have some time off right now and I am so grateful for my life here in Arizona. I am blessed with wonderful friends and having Julie here and my granddog, Popcorn--what more could I want!!

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with peace and gratitude and that you are surrounded by people you love.

All My Love,

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Love letters 40 days of dating

Love letters 40 days of dating